"The art, the people, the history, the wine, the food; especially the food. For me, Italy is a warm, heartfelt and loving place full of secluded romantic spots. Estate Italiana was born while sitting in a piazza watching the orange glow of the afternoon sun stream through, sipping on a spritz and enjoying an antipasto platter. It grew while sitting under a blanket on a Gondola in Venice while navigating the wake of the classic limousine tender while our guide hummed a song and we drank champagne. It bloomed in the shade of the Italian alps. And it came to be on the shores of Lake Como while walking in hand in hand, eating ice cream and enjoying the sights and smells of the local markets. Estate Italiana is that little corner in my heart that yearns for handmade gnocchi in the shadow of The Pantheon; for wine in the hills of Tuscany; for olives fresh from the vine. Estate Italiana is permanent reminder of the love and laughter I felt while being there, and sits as a constant tease to go back. Estate Italiana is the physical embodiment of Italian beauty in all its senses."

Bonnie McNeill