When should I expect my o|bon piece to arrive?

Each o|bon piece will be made to order. Your order will be sent out within ten business days from order.

My o|bon piece doesn't look the same as the picture.

As each o|bon piece is made to order, by hand, in our Brisbane studio each piece will vary slightly to the picture shown on the website.

How should I care for my o|bon piece?

Your o|bon piece is for cold food presentation only. After use, please hand wash with warm water. Do not put your o|bon piece in the dishwasher as the temperature will impact the piece.  Each o|bon piece should be treated with the same care as ceramic, although resin is durable it can be broken if dropped or knocked.

How do I maintain the sheen on my o|bon piece?

After use, you can use a drop of cooking oil and a cloth on your resin piece to restore sheen after washing.